How to Move Past Mistakes and on to the Next Play

How to Move Past Mistakes and on to the Next Play

With Premier Academy Team tryouts around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to talk about “Next Play Speed” and how it can help you during tryout. In other words, how fast can you move on to the next play? This is something that can be taught but must be consistently emphasized by us coaches.

When it comes to sports tryouts, players are going to be nervous. In an environment where you’re constantly being critiqued on your ability to perform, it can be pretty nerve-wracking! Some youth players will become so obsessed with not making mistakes during their tryout that they end up “losing” the tryout before they even get started.

When coaches and athletes focus on recovery time after a mistake as a skill, better results will come naturally. That’s because the more quickly athletes recover (as opposed to spending time beating themselves up), the sooner the learning process continues.

Instead of focusing on the faults that could stop you from making a team, focus on the things you do well and that would bring value to a team! This small shift in thinking helps keep those “nerves” under control and will allow you to move on from mistakes more quickly when they happen.

Coaches know that players are not perfect and that they are going to make mistakes in a tryout setting.  What they want to see is HOW ARE YOU GOING TO RESPOND WHEN YOU MAKE A MISTAKE. If you miss a shot, are you going to hang your head in disappointment or are you going to bust your butt back on defense to get a stop?

In the video below, Graham Betchart, Director of Mental Training for Lucid Performance and a mental skills coach for many elite athletes, talks more in-depth about “Next Play Speed.” Read the full article HERE.



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