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USA Youth Basketball Development Guidelines

USA BASKETBALL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES Basketball has become one of the most popular youth sports in the United States. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, 9.8 million boys and girls ages 6-17 played basketball in 2015. Though it has grown in popularity, it’s structure and organization has been slow to follow the pace of…

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Move of the Month: Same Foot Stop

MOVE OF THE MONTH: SAME FOOT STOP The Same Foot Stop is a great option to use when the defender is jamming your hips and taking away your shot, finish, and/or change of direction options off the dribble. This is one of our favorite separation moves that we teach at Premier and is great for…

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Dear Basketball | Motivation

DEAR BASKETBALL Need some extra motivation this week? Watch Kobe Bryant’s Oscar-winning short film called “Dear Basketball” linked below. Sometimes it’s important to remember WHY we picked up a basketball in the first place and how we fell in love with the game.  Not much more needs to be said…Watch below!   COLORADO PREMIER & UTAH PREMIER…

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